Proper Women’s Golf Attire

There are many who still believe that proper women’s golf attire should consist of khaki shorts that reach below the knee and a polo top. I’m tired of that stereotypical way of playing golf. Ladies, it’s time to throw that outdated idea and say hello to a new way women can wear golf apparel.

Women’s golf attire should be comfortable, chic, and fitted. However, there are rules at many golf clubs regarding proper golf attire for women. I’ll explain what is appropriate, what may be questionable, and what should not be worn under any circumstances on the golf course.

What are the Rules For Proper Women’s Golf Attire?

Each golf club varies on their rules and many, if not all, have dress codes you must adhere to. If you don’t properly prepare, the golf club may very well turn you away when you show up to play a round of golf in a tank top or denim shorts.

Typically, golf courses that are more expensive with a higher exclusivity will have a stricter policy on what you can and cannot wear. Some clubs won’t even let you wear shorts!

If you’re a casual golfer on a budget, your safest bet is playing on a municipal golf course. They tend to be laid-back about what you wear, and there are many who don’t have any golf apparel rules at all.

If you’re still completely in the dark about what is considered a proper golf outfit, you should call the golf course you are planning to play at. Two reasons to do this: to make sure you don’t drive 30 minutes to the course just to be denied, and it shows them that you care and respect their rules.

Tips on Women’s Golf Attire

What you wear on the golf course comes down to where you’re playing. Here is a general idea of what is considered proper women’s golf attire.

  • Tops

The general rules on women’s golf tops at golf courses are polo-style shirts, turtleneck, and crew-neck tops. However, T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, strapless tops, drawstrings, and similar types are considered inappropriate.

Traditional choices like polos and khakis are totally fine if that’s your style. But, if you want something more modern and chic, check out these high-end brands I’ve listed for you here. There are also great names like KINONA, L’Etoile, and Course & Club that I find to be appealing, yet appropriate.

  • Bottoms

nike womens golf shorts

No women’s golf attire is complete without the right bottoms! It’s common to see women golfers in slacks, shorts, or skorts.

The standard apparel rules at golf courses for bottoms ban clothing options like jeans, sweatpants, and athletic pants. Whether it’s capris, cropped pants, shorts, or skorts, there’s plenty of playful bottom options for every woman.

If you choose to wear a skort or shorts, be mindful of the length – many golf clubs want them to hit your knees. Although I have worn dresses and skorts that are above my knee (obviously not too much though). It’s really tough for us ladies because we are expected in some ways to follow golf fashion rules that really should be re-visited and re-written.

I’m a slim woman, so I feel awful and ugly in a lot of the clothes they still expect you to wear. However, I’ve never been denied at a golf club for wearing what I personally deemed as appropriate, so my advice is to wear clothes per your discretion. Base it on what you feel good in. (I would stick with the more conservative side of things though – you don’t really want to draw too much attention from an excessive amount of exposed skin / short skirts).

  • Dresses

Proper Golf Apparel Women Golf

Recently, I’ve seen some younger girls rock the golf dresses from Nike and Adidas. Very cute, but it may be questionable to some golf courses, depending on the length. Since it’s a very popular attire, most golf courses allow women to wear these outfits, and it’s a great choice for those who are looking for a chic, more feminine look. However, sundresses and other similar types of dresses are considered inappropriate and unacceptable on most golf courses.

  • Accessories

Women's golf accessories 2019

Women’s golf accessories are the most fun part of any woman’s wardrobe. When it comes to accessorizing your golf look, you can find hats and visors in a variety of colors and prints, making it easy to find one that suits your look. In addition to hats and visors, you can add a pop of color to your golf attire with a pink headcover, shoes or belt! These functional accessories make it easy to create a stylish look and most golf courses don’t look down upon your accessories.

The Deep Divide Between Men and Women’s Golf Apparel Rules

The professional golf world has become increasingly progressive when it comes to allowing its players to make fashion statements in an effort to modernize the sport and appeal to millennial’s and junior golfers.

Rickie Fowler regularly sports the joggers with high tops; Nike started making polos without collars, and the European Tour allows its golfers to wear shorts during practice rounds.

Yet the LPGA is attempted to turn back to its traditional roots by issuing a stricter dress code.

On July 2, 2017, LPGA President Vicki Goetze-Ackerman sent an email to the LPGA players, telling them that starting July 17, there’d be some new rules on dress code.

Plunging necklines, NO. Leggings, NO. Workout gear and jeans, NO. Joggers, NO. How about those chic racerback-style tops, like Michelle Wie has been wearing? NOT HAPPENING.

But, if Rickie Fowler can rock joggers and high top sneakers on tour, why is it any different for females?

Although it’s important to follow the rules of the golf courses, it’s time to continue progressing towards a new way of women’s golf apparel and style.

Hopefully, in the coming years, golf clubs will be a little more lenient towards women. I’m not asking to wear a crop top to the course, but the conservative outlook needs to change.

Complete your women’s golf attire wardrobe with these guidelines and remember to check out some high-end luxury women’s golf apparel clothes & brands.