Get in the Right Mindset While Golfing

Your Mindset is the Key to Being a Good Golfer

The golf season is beginning and you’re excited to get back on the course. You prepare your bag by filling it with tees and balls, towels, plenty of gatorade and a few protein bars. You arrive in a great mood, but it didn’t last long. You shanked your first drive to the left, and you watch your ball with frustration as it disappears into the woods.

Missed shots and high scorecards can lead to frustration and may bring up some negative thoughts. Your state of mind will ultimately make or break your game. Even pros have their bad days on course, but it’s not because their bad at golf! They just couldn’t get into the right mindset that day.

In order to have a successful golf round you must keep a positive attitude. Focus on what you are doing rather than what will happen next or what happened before.

Take a look at these 4 suggestions that can help get your state of mind back on track.

Avoid Negative Thoughts

You’ve probably heard this one before because it applies to life in general. However, avoiding negative thoughts in golf can be the difference between a bad scorecard or the best game of your life. Now, keeping bad thoughts out of your head is easier said than done. A good way to avoid negative thoughts is to focus on what is happening in front of you.

Forget your last game, your work problems and your romance issues. Simply look at the golf ball, measure the distance between your tip toes and the ball, make sure your body is not in the way, keep a tight grip and aim well. If you keep focusing on that and block out the rest you should start seeing the results right away.

Visualize the Shot

Take a step back, close your eyes and visualize where your ball is going to land. Once you start visualizing your shot you will start identifying what you need to do and get a better feel for your swing. You will eventually learn how to hit a ball in order to achieve the required effect. This requires 100% of your attention, which will help keep you in the right mindset.

Deep Breaths

Relax. Breathe. Be Zen. Take your time when you’re about to make a shot. One of the beauties of golf is that there is no rush. If a group of golfers behind you is quick to catch up, just let them pass through. Take your stance, position yourself for the shot, and if you are not feeling it take a deep breath, walk away from the ball, clear your head and try it again.

Develop a Routine

Developing a routine helps your brain by reinforcing the steps you need to take to hit a successful shot. Simple things like taking the same amount of time for every shot, taking a few practice swings, or pulling up your sleeves before a shot will help you and your brain remain focused and sharp.
Have you noticed that most professional golfers look the same drive after drive, or putt after putt? It’s like seeing the same footage but with them wearing different clothes and different people in the background.
That’s because they develop a routine they follow on each shot and it’s not a coincidence: it helps them focus and puts them in the right mindset.