Coates Golf Equipment Review | Performance Clubs Made For Women

Coates Golf is Performance at it’s Best

Why should women be shuffled into one style of golf equipment?

Coates Golf was created with the intent to develop a line of golf clubs for women where performance, rather than forgiveness, was the focus. They specifically engineer their clubs for the female swing. Now, women can truly customize a set of clubs to fit their game at any level.

Coates Golf
My set of Coates Golf Clubs

The Coates brand is anchored by an antelope for this simple reason that the female antelope, like male, can grow horns. More than just an elegant icon, the symbol represents how Coates believes women should be promoted in golf with equality and integrity.

Oryx CB Irons

Coates Golf Clubs

Crafted to suit the swing attributes of female golfers, Oryx CB Irons feature weight distribution around the sole and perimeter to create feel and maneuverability.

Optimized face grooves allow for ideal spin and trajectory control, while a wide sole design enhances turf interaction and launch.

I tried using both the flex shaft and the stiff shaft for these particular irons. I have to say, I prefer the flex shaft for the irons because it’s more lightweight with more forgiveness. I’m not a huge fan of irons – I much prefer to own all hybrids and just chuck my irons away.

However, for those of you who perform better with irons, I would definitely give these a try. They are beautiful, sturdy and they make it look easy to hit a golf ball.

The satin black finish gives Coates Golf Oryx CB Irons a beautiful finishing touch, which is one of my favorite things about their golf clubs.

The Oryx CB Irons is a 7 piece iron set (4,5,6,7,8,9, Pitching Wedge)


  • Precise head weights, distribution and balance
  • Meticulous craftsmanship for crisp feel and square strikes
  • Specific weight distribution around sole and perimeter create effortless feel and maneuverability
  • Optimized face grooves deliver the perfect blend of spin and trajectory control for workability
  • Wide sole design enhances turf interaction and promotes quicker launch for added playability
  • Shafts, lofts and swing weights customized based on swing attributes
  • Satin Black finish applied through pressure vapor process for long-lasting durability

Eland Driver

Coates Golf Clubs

The 460cc Eland Release Series Driver delivers the maximum contact area while retaining the light, durability of titanium. The thin face is responsive and controls spin for maximum distance off the tee.

This driver offers specific balanced weight for the female swing, optimizing power and control from the down swing through impact.

Additional head weight in key areas helps deliver the face square at impact for heightened accuracy. A pressure-applied matte black finish adds durability and style to the Coates Golf Eland Driver.

The Eland Driver is available in both 10 degrees and 12 degrees with a sleek matte black finish.


  • 460cc club head delivers maximum contact area while retaining the lightweight durability of Titanium
  • Ultra-thin face provides the responsiveness and spin control needed for unrivaled distance off the tee
  • Titanium face blends forgiveness and strength to maximize distance while keeping ball flight moderate
  • Additional head weight in key areas helps pull the club head through impact to create square contact
  • A variety of shafts, lofts and swing weights allow for a custom fit based on key swing attributes
  • Matte Black finish applied through pressure vapor process for long-lasting durability

Nyala Hybrid

Coates Golf Clubs

This is one of my absolute favorite golf clubs from Coates Golf – here’s why: the forgiveness is unbelievable.

I can easily make contact with the ball every single time – whether I am hitting the ball from the fairway, the rough or at the range.

I specifically customized my Nyala Hybrid to have a STIFF shaft, rather than a flex. This is because I personally get better distance and accuracy with that specification.

However, everyone is different, so my suggestion is to try hitting some golf balls using men’s clubs to get the feeling of this type of club. It’s long, yet still lightweight. It’s forgiving yet still packs a punch when it hits the ball. It goes farther than the regular woman’s flex clubs and that’s why it’s my favorite!


  • Ultra-thin Titanium face seamlessly transfers energy into the ball through contact for responsiveness
  • 21° and 24° offerings bridge distance gaps by providing easier-to-hit long iron replacements
  • A variety of shafts, lofts and swing weights allow for a custom fit based on key swing attributes
  • Bold, color-contrasting alignment cue on the top of the crown ensures greater accuracy
  • Matte Black finish applied through pressure vapor process for long-lasting durability

About Coates Golf

Mollie Coates, President and Founder of Coates Golf, started golfing five years ago and was at a loss when it came time to upgrade from her beginner’s set of clubs. That prompted Mollie and her husband Randall, who shares a background in corporate strategy and marketing, to begin researching the idea of designing their own women’s line.

Coates Golf is a premium lifestyle brand whose message of equality, is anchored by its antelope logo because female antelope grow horns like male. Empowerment and equality is the message that Coates wants to give their customers, which is one reason all Coates equipment is black.

“We learned through personal experience that even in today’s golf industry, female golfers are still limited in their options for equipment. Women deserve performance clubs designed with them in mind,” says Coates. “We are here to stand up for the empowerment of women and to promote their strength, athleticism, and beauty.”