Tips on Women’s Golf Grips and Gloves

When was the last time you changed your golf grips? Or bought a new golf glove? As most people you probably have the original grips on from when you bought the clubs years ago. And taking a look at your glove,  I bet it doesn’t quite fit tightly anymore.

These are two pieces of equipment that get overlooked and underappreciated, yet these items are what connect you to being able to hit the ball!

Women’s Golf Grips

golf grips

Grips should be changed approximately after 40 rounds are played. The sweat, dirt and grease on your hands from playing in the summer heat starts to erode the rubber. The death lock grip is not helping you.

This combination of deteriorating rubber and gripping it tighter and tighter so they do not slip may be resulting in your errant shots.

When replacing your grip make certain to get the proper size. The right size of grip can help the proper release happen through the strike zone and lead to better shots more often – what everyone is after right?!

There are so many grip options out there you’ll want to take some time to actually pick up grips to get a feel for what feels nice in your hands.

Also so many colors to choose from – pick something that matches your style. Grips have come a long way from only being black.

Women’s Golf Gloves

Women's Golf Gloves

The less expensive piece of equipment to keep an eye on is your golf glove – it is supposed to fit tight. Marks or holes on the palm side indicate that there is some rubbing happening.

It could be a result of a few things: the golf grips are worn, your golf glove is old or a technical issue that a teaching professional could help correct.

Again there are so many options for gloves, and you can pick out numerous ones to match your outfits. The most important thing is keep in mind that it should “fit like a glove.”

A way to test out if you have the right size is after you’ve put the glove on and closed the velcro, have your palm facing up with fingers spread out and see if you can pinch any material from the palm – you should not be able to get much if any to pull away from your hand.

You’ll notice as the glove ages it will stretch and you can use this method to know if the glove is past its prime and needing to be replaced.

With keeping your glove and grips will mean setting some money aside but it will help with better struck shots. And more better struck shots usually leads to more fun on the golf course!