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Hedge Golf Apparel is Classy, Elegant and FUN

Hedge golf apparel is one of the classiest, most feminine apparel brands out there, born out of a desire to look lovely on the tennis court, demure on the golf course and elegant the rest of the day.

Whether it’s for you or a loved one, Hedge is a brand where you can never go wrong. It’s the perfect retail therapy.

Check out the lovely outfits they have to offer this season.

  1. The Dune Racerback Dress

Hedge Golf Apparel

An elegant dress that reveals and accentuates the shoulders while the trim fitting waist showcases the hourglass figure. Demure in length. Arm holes cut for motion friendly swings on the court or on the course. The stretch fabric moves with your body and excels in moisture management.  Special details include holsters for your golf tees and other accessories. Two pockets disappear into the full skirt.

  1. Zellie Cashmere Cardigan

Hedge Golf Apparel

Vests are chic and stylish, but sometimes they look too sporty, too masculine. While perfect for skiing or hiking, it’s not always good for a round on the golf course. The Zellie Wrap Vest changes the game. This vest is soft, elegant, light-weight and perfect for warm-ups and cool downs. The cozy cashmere shawl collar will keep you warm while golfing this winter, while the sleeveless counterbalance keeps you cool.

You can also create your own shape; the wrap tie belt function helps you create an hourglass shape, or you can wear it open for a bohemian look. Tie it off to the side and leave a touch open for chic new style. Two front pockets for sporting accessories.

  1. Donna Blazer

Hedge Golf Apparel

A blazer is used for so many things – business meetings, an interview or for a fancy dinner outing, A blazer is always chic; always appropriate, but usually never comfortable…until now. Hedge’s breakthrough design is made out of signature stretch french terry. You could hug a lion in it, play tennis in it, or play golf in it. The cozy shawl collar curves around your neck. Special details include two pockets, vent in the back and our green H thread button.

  1. Cassandra Polo

Hedge Golf Apparel

Who doesn’t love wearing a nice polo on the golf course? But, whenever you shop for one, it feels like it’s too plain, too masculine, too…boring. This polo is feminine with a cap sleeve and a peter pan collar with three delicate buttons at the back of the neck. It’s flattering, pragmatic and elegant. Perfect for a day on the course or lunch at the Marriot.

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